Together with many people and partners, CIVIC SQUARE are visioning, building and investing in social and civic infrastructure for neighbourhoods of the future, rooted in the heart of Birmingham; our home city. Through our long-term Neighbourhood Doughnut portfolio of work, we are focused on downscaling and co-creating the Doughnut Economics framework to the neighbourhood scale, inspired by Kate Raworth, the team at DEAL, and communities around the world reimagining regenerative economic systems that are distributive by design.

FFR - Big Lunch 21 -

FFR - Big Lunch 21 -

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CS - Best Of CS Doughtnut Weekender -

Following the beginnings of a neighbourhood movement, connecting artists, designers, economists, ecologists, gardeners, teachers, neighbours and many more to redesign and get to the heart of new economic possibilities for our neighbourhoods and the movements to craft and build them over the past 18 months, we are now bringing together the first ever Neighbourhood Doughnut Portrait to be launched in Ladywood, Birmingham UK, 27th - 29th October 2022.

Now more than ever it will need all of us; our skills, creativity, wisdom, hopes and imagination, to pave inspiring, collective, regenerative ways forward together, so we hope you will join us in exploring the data, stories and methodologies emerging from this time, co-authored by CIVIC SQUARE, Catriona Rawsthorne, Irena Bauman, Jenni Brooks, and many people of all ages in Ladywood to act as an initial compass for our neighbourhood that is available to anyone.

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This dashboard will serve as an emerging open platform that will be a continual growing work in progress as we learn together. Explore below to find out more about the Neighbourhood Doughnut portfolio, and unearth some of the journey so far since June 2021 as we bring together learnings, tools and media from this time into the Neighbourhood Doughnut Portrait above.

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